visit ashram

visit ashram

Dear all,

A team of volunteers works relentlessly replying to ashram visit requests. We have always tried our utmost to have absolutely no commercial aspects about the ashram and in doing so, everything has been free here — from accommodation to bedding and food. There’s no fee for anything.

In April 2015, we opened the ashram for a few days and allowed nearly 150 people to visit and stay. Our volunteers handled your requests, replied to your emails. We organized for caterers so that food could be properly provided. In extreme heat, some of the residents of the ashram and other devotees shopped for groceries and all. We organized extra bedding. Quite sadly, more than 40% of the people acted irresponsibly and didn’t turn up at all nor did they inform us in advance. This led to a lot of wastage. Plus, many those who wanted to visit were not given the chance because it was full. We somehow covered the expenses from our very limited resources.

In May 2015 (once again opening it for a few days), we sent two group emails to all the confirmed visitors to avoid a repeat of April. Some of them confirmed, some cancelled in advance. We sent another email to the confirmed visitors to be absolutely sure about the numbers. But, lo and behold, once again nearly 40% didn’t turn up. Once again, it led to a lot of wastage and lost opportunity for those who were desperate to visit. Some kind devotee anonymously put a decent sum in the temple donation box otherwise we would have had a serious shortfall to cover even the basic costs.

Keeping this in view, we are rethinking ashram visits to make them feasible for the visitors as well as the ashram. The only road to the ashram gets damaged during the rains. So, Aug and Sep 2015 visits stand cancelled. We’ll inform you separately as well in case your visit was confirmed. October program will be redefined. The dates will remain the same though.

Presently, we are ┬ánot accepting any new requests for visiting the ashram. I hope to put some system in place over the next 4-6 weeks after which you’ll be able to apply once again. You can check back here in a month’s time to visit the ashram.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.