Here is a video discourse for you in Hindi. The topic is Food.Noted below is an excerpt from the video:

All living creatures eat. Food is the basis of your existence, of your body. But often, its importance is kind of overlooked. In fact, food is the basis of all your joys. I am going to cover the topic of food today. What is the meaning of food? Why Sri Hari has been deemed as food in Vishnu Sahasranama? Food is not just about edible substance that is processed by your stomach. That is only the food to eat and is of four types.

We also eat through our ears, our nostrils, our eyes, our touch. Through whatever senses we perceive, we are effectively intaking food. He is the producer, enjoyer and processor of food, why, He is the very food himself. Eating food is not just a mechanical process that you carry out everyday, it is a divine act, no less a yajña.


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