Here is a video discourse for you in English. I gave a link to this one in my post yesterday but some wrote back saying they did not notice it. So, keeping the time-honored tradition, I am writing a separate post about it. Below is a transcription from the opening lines of the discourse:Devotional service is a profound topic and cannot really be explained with words. The Sanskrit term is bhakti. It is designed for those who want to take it easy.

Devotional service is not the same as devotion. As the name says, devotional service is about serving. And service can only happen when there is surrender, or true service anyway for that matter. Until one surrenders, it is not possible to be a devotee because think about it for a moment, you are not going to surrender to anybody at your level. You are only going to surrender to somebody who is higher than you or who you perceive to be higher than you.

Devotional service is designed to bring out the real you in the most sublime manner so that all your psychic imprints, also known as vasanas, leave you. Bhakti is designed so you don’t have to go through rigorous regime, it is designed so you can be you. So you surrender and you seek the refuge in the one who is ultimate. And at that moment, you inculcate your devotional sentiment. You build it so that you always stay firm in that sentiment. So that, you start to become one with the One you worship. But devotional service, in the sentiment of duality is not designed to become one with your god. It is only ever designed to serve God. The relationship is more like master-servant; that is, I am my master’s servant.


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