This is the fourth discourse of the six in the series on Bhaj Govindam. The text of the verses covered in the discourse is given below.

कुरुते गंगासागरगमनं व्रतपरिपालनमथवा दानम्। ज्ञानविहिनः सर्वमतेन मुक्तिः न भवति जन्मशतेन ॥17॥
 One’s liberation depends on inner knowledge. Such external activities as pilgrimages and fasts have little bearing.
सुर-मन्दिर-तरु-मूल-निवासः शय्या भूतलमजिनं वासः। सर्व-परिग्रह-भोग-त्यागः कस्य सुखं न करोति विरागः ॥18॥
Living a life devoid of hoarding and sense gratification, the renunciate is bound experience the joyous state.

योगरतो वा भोगरतो वा संगरतो वा संगविहीनः। यस्य ब्रह्मणि रमते चित्तं नन्दति नन्दति नन्दति एव  ॥19॥
Whether treading the path of yoga or firmly attached to the material world, the one who is established in Him finds supreme bliss.

भगवद्गीता किञ्चिदधीता गंगा-जल-लव-कणिका-पीता। सकृदपि येन मुरारिसमर्चा तस्य यमः किं कुरुते चर्चाम् ॥20॥
Those who spend time in self study, chanting the holy names, drinking the nectar of devotion, they gain liberation.

पुनरपि जननं पुनरपि मरणं  पुनरपि जननीजठरे शयनम्। इह संसारे बहुदुस्तारे  कृपयापारे पाहि मुरारे ॥21॥
O Lord! I no longer want to go through the cycles of births and deaths. Please help me cross this ocean of material existence.

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